urban camo

About clothes… Some clothes will glow if you look at them through nightvision, some do not glow! Quess what you want to use!

“Please keep in mind that most common laundry detergents have a UV brightner in it, Its what makes the colors seem so bright, Which will make it glow under a blacklight, I would rather not let Deer seeing me glowing so I use a clothing wash called UV Killer on my hunting stuff.”


“For example, there is darker and not so dark shadows. Differend tone of shadows. You have to understand them and where to move!
When you hide yourself edge of the any shadow… Between the lighted area and shadow. You are in better cover there than if you are deeper inside of the shadow. Because there is higher constract between lighted area and shadow… So you blend in much better! And so on…

if you move slow, you are more invisible than if you move fast. And if you move toward target you are more invisible than if you move horizontal to your target and so on…

Moving throught night is art if you can call so…

When is night, there is colder air and that why any sound travel longer distance than during daytime…
There is btw differend kind of footwear what to use… Some tone your steps down better than others. ”




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