Eric Fein: Cop Killer Hide & Seek.

Eric Fein has been described by police as a “self-taught survivalist” with a grudge against law enforcement personnel.[6

In July 2014, Frein told Hornbaker, friends, and parents that he was moving to Delaware to work at a chemical company. Police speculate that he might have taken this time to make the preparations that later would allow him to survive and evade capture.

The police manhunt grew from nearly 200 officers by September 17[22] to 400 officers by September 22[31] to nearly 1000 on September 24.[32] Law enforcement officers included local police, state police forces from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey,[33] FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.[31] Though tracking dogs were regarded as a valuable tool, particularly on damp, calm days when scent dissipates most slowly, Frein successfully evaded them using “water crossings and terrain conditions.”[34][35]

Equipment included numerous police vehicles,[36] armored BearCats,[24] at least four helicopters with thermal imaging equipment, and a 13,000-pound, $245,000 Ring Power armored siege vehicle dubbed “The Rook”.

Hiding out & Route:


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